Tax & Legal Refresher for Startups (SUP)

Legal & Compliance
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Dive into the world of startup finance with the "SUP Workshop: Tax & Legal Refresher for Startups" video. Hosted by KPMG experts, this session offers invaluable insights into legal and tax considerations crucial for startups, including Qualified Employee Stock Options (QESO), 3:12 rules, and Shareholders Agreements. Get ready to learn from seasoned professionals like Filip Christensson, Elina Sultan, Carl Tannerheim, and Markus Frohm, as they navigate the complexities of startup taxation and legal frameworks.

Published/Updated on Nov 21, 2023

Welcome to an exclusive SUP workshop on Legal and Tax for startups, hosted by experts at KPMG. A refresher session on key insights on legal and tax-related considerations such as QESO (Qualified Employee Stock Options), 3 : 12 rules, and Shareholders Agreements + updates and incoming regulatory changes.