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This article provides three valuable best practices for crafting effective sales emails by leveraging social proof to attract more customers.

Published/Updated on May 20, 2022

3 Things to do in your sales emails

Original article: Things to do in your sales emails to attract more customers
By Heater R Morgan, Economist at ForbesWomen

Article explaining how to correctly use social proofs in order to attract more customers. What is a social prof ? This is what your current and past customers say about your business. How to use it right ?

1. Stop confusing feature lists with social proof.
Customers want to know how your product can alleviate their a problem they have and, more important, how it’s helped someone in the past. Good social proof speaks for itself; feature lists don’t.

2. Reference similar customers instead of your biggest account.
Using a large client as your social proof can give the impression you only service enterprise clients, and alienate leads at smaller companies. Choose your social proof based on what you know about your prospective customers, matching your numbers and quotes to their needs.

3. Turn your social proof into cliffhangers.
The best social proof combines a quote or statistic with a little bit of intrigue. In other words, don’t give everything away at once. Your social proof should be quick and leave your potential customers wanting more.