Expanding Globally (SUP)

Expansion & Internationalization
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Discover the secrets of global expansion with this workshop recording. Join Nathalie Karnig, Director of Business Development at TransPerfect, as she shares her 11 years of experience in the localization industry, helping brands like Klarna, Voi, and Hello Fresh increase international sales and awareness. This workshop offers practical advice and technical insights for managing multilingual content and global branding, tailored for startups and entrepreneurs. The session included actionable tips and stories from the front lines of global market penetration.

Published/Updated on May 24, 2022

A SUP46 exclusive workshop on expanding to new markets with result driven content. Host of this session is Nathalie Karnig, Director of Business Development at TransPerfect.

Nathalie has worked in the localization industry for the past 11 years, helping global brands and startups to increase sales and awareness internationally. Working with companies such as Klarna, Voi, Hello Fresh has given her deep experience in different technical approaches on how to manage multilingual content as well as global branding.

The purpose of this series is to give you tangible and actionable advice to put into practice right now.

00:00 Intro
03:50 Introduction to TransPerfect
05:12 Why translate at all?
06:07 Define your opportunities before translating
12:53 Where did other scaleups start?
14:51 Klarna's globalization journey