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Recommendations before reaching out to investors

Published/Updated on Nov 8, 2023

Time to engage with investors? Great!
Please consider these recommendations before you reach out. ๐Ÿ‘‡


  • Make sure that the potential investor actively invests in your type of business/industry and maturity phase.

  • Look at their other investments to build a good picture of their taste. Ideally they can help your business succeed in more ways than "just money".

  • Talk to other founders that they have previously worked with to get an honest 1:1 opinion.

Reaching out

  • Investigate if you have common connections and ask for an introduction.

  • Make sure you have a summary, deck and company story in place before engaging.

  • SUP always do warm introductions for premium members.

The process

  • Keep the potential investors in the loop so they can follow the company development in parallell to investment conversations.

  • Your traction and communication increases attractiveness and increases chances of a successful raise.

  • Set clear goals for the round and align with all stakeholders.

  • Use e-signatures, data rooms, simple and standardized term sheets to optimize for speed.

Best of luck!