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Peter Specht, a partner at Creandum, offers a selection of valuable fundraising resources for early-stage founders.

Published/Updated on Jan 10, 2022

There are a couple of blog posts/resources that I frequently recommend to early stage founders

- Peter Specht, Partner at Creandum
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📖: General #fundraising guides
read. Great and comprehensive overview on the full play by Y Combinator
First Round Capital has put together a very good post on preparing & running the process
: my (shorter) summary on some frequently asked questions / key topics.

💻 #Deck
found lot of advice/examples for the structure of decks but seldom a proper good slide template one can copy and edit. So find one I did in that post.

Sequoia Capital has summarised they key points for structure / storyline for a pitch, which has been used a lot.
reflection on an A round process and example of a simple but effective deck by Mathilde Collin @ Front

📊 #Metrics / data

For SaaS in particular there are some good resources.
Miao Michael & Parsa IVP have put together a fantastic fundraising handbook for SaaS with great benchmark data on the key KPIs . I often recommend founders to use this to benchmark where you stand relative to a top fund's data set. Most data is however more B+ stage focussed.

For the early stage Christoph's SaaS napkin is a classic 
(only found the 2019 one as the latest, if there is a new one for 2021 - let me know and I'll update; but assume round size and valuation numbers are higher)

And for b2b marketplaces by Julia