ASO for Startups (SUP)

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Unlock the secrets of App Store success with Ivan. Dive into the world of ASO with over a decade of expertise, and learn to skyrocket your app's visibility and downloads. Get insider tips on the best tech, strategic ratings, and the ultimate ASO cheat sheet. Transform your app startup with actionable advice from a top app development guru.

Published/Updated on Nov 7, 2023

An exclusive SUP workshop on ASO (App Store Optimization) best practices and successful app deployment.

The purpose of this series is to give you tangible, tactical, and actionable advice for startup founders.

About expert
Hosted by ASO and App Dev expert, Ivan Hjelmeland from Ivan has a decade of experience building and launching more than 100 native apps on AppStore and Google Play for clients like Bulder Bank, Posten Norge, Telenor,, Cutters and Securitas. He has worked on successful ASO strategy, tracking, analytics, and execution for some of the largest apps in Norway. Ivan also coached and hosted seminars from launch to 1000 users.

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00:00 Intro
01:52 Technology for App Development
02:54 Tech Stack Usage Distribution
03:48 Ratings vs. Tech Stack
05:10 Native vs. Cross Plattform (Native, React Native, Flutter)
12:15 What is ASO (App Store Optimization)?
12:50 Visibility, Downloads, & Conversion Rates
13:25 Apple App Store vs Google Play Store
14:24 The Icon
15:28 The Title