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Published/Updated on Jul 21, 2021

SUP46 Workshop on Growth Marketing with Jasmin Yaya - Growth Product Manager at

A SUP46 exclusive workshop on how Growth Marketing for Startups - How to win by learning faster than the competitors.
During this workshop Jasmin Yaya - Growth Product Manager at (worked with Spotify, Qapital, SVT, Swedish Government, Berghs and Hyper Island) will be sharing her experience on Growth.


00:00โ€‹ Intro & About
02:34 Agenda
03:55 What is Growth?
05:50 Growth Model (Funnel vs. Loop)
08:21 Model for Growth (What How Who)
10:47 The Real Problem Product Companies have (Retention)
12:03 Typical Customer Journey & Where You Loose Users
14:45 Avg. Retention Curve for Apps
15:11 The Most Tragic Chart in Tech (and how to improve retention)
16:42 Why Optimize for 7-day Retention
17:03 What is an Experiment? (3 types)
17:23 Surveys/polls (Why users do things)
18:15 Smoke/painted door/ghost test (Spotify case example)
24:55 A/B-Test (What users are doing)
25:53 Make a Change = What Effect?
27:15 Statistical Significance
27:26 When to do A/B tests (Optimizing, Releases & Validate hypothesis)
30:01 Why Experimentation is Critical (Most Ideas Suck)
33:51 Twitter's Growth Story (Testing more)