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Embark on a journey to understand the intricacies of growing your marketing and growth teams with industry experts Susannah Elis, Emma Pott, and Louisa Cowan from True Search. This workshop delves into the evolution of marketing, the distinction between marketing and growth, and the introduction of the growth function. Drawing from playbooks of giants like Spotify, King, and Mojang, gain insights into the changing regulatory landscape, performance marketing tracking, and the nuances of B2B vs B2C marketing. This session is tailored to provide startups with actionable strategies to bolster their marketing endeavors and achieve sustainable growth.

Published/Updated on Jun 20, 2023

A SUP exclusive workshop on how to grow your marketing & growth teams and functions.

Cracking the code to People Success: A Workshop for Startups about culture and high performing teams.

A workshop led by industry experts, Susannah Elis and Emma Pott, and Louisa Cowan from True Search, a global leading talent management firm born in Silicon Valley, as we explore the nuances of building and scaling your marketing and growth team. Learn from playbooks by Spotify, King, Mojang and other successful growth stories.

Gain valuable insights into the role of marketing in a changing regulatory landscape, tracking methodologies for performance marketing, and the cross-functional nature of growth marketing. Additionally, discover the key differences between B2C marketing and B2B marketing. This workshop will provide you with practical knowledge and actionable strategies to enhance your marketing efforts and drive sustainable growth.

Emma Pott is a Partner at True Search, specializing in consumer and international business, marketing, and leadership. With her extensive expertise in marketing and brand development, Emma has consistently driven growth and achieved remarkable results in her career.

Susannah Ellis is a Principal based in True's London office, where she plays a vital role in the Global Consumer and Healthcare practices. With a focus on fast-growth venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) backed digital businesses, she specializes in CEO, Board, and Commercial leadership roles.

Louisa Cowan is a Principal based in True's London office, specializing in building commercial leadership teams for VC/PE-backed B2B SaaS and security businesses. Her expertise flows seamlessly as she navigates the intricate landscape of commercial leadership, providing valuable guidance and support to businesses aiming to thrive in the competitive B2B market.

The purpose of this series is to give you tangible and actionable advice to put into practice right now. Slides will be shared separately.

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01:29 Expert hosts Intro
05:17 The evolution of marketing over 30 years