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This session covers strategies for managing pricing within SaaS startups and scaleups. It focuses on the importance of pricing in driving revenue growth, outlining different phases where pricing becomes a priority, and providing a structured method for setting and optimizing prices. Key points include customer segmentation, feature ranking, package design, price model selection, and the importance of an iterative process to continually refine and optimize pricing strategies.

Published/Updated on May 21, 2024

Optimizing Revenue: Mastering SaaS Pricing

A SUP exclusive session for all SUP users.

This session is for those who want a comprehensive understanding of driving revenue growth in a SaaS startup or scaleup. The shared insights and tactics are generic and relevant for both B2B and B2C companies. During this session, you will be guided through a structured and targeted method for managing pricing within SaaS (both B2B and B2C). You will explore different strategies and receive practical and tangible tips to help you on your startup journey.

Petter Lorentzon Petter Lorentzon is the CEO of Recuro, a growth consulting agency for tech-driven companies, focusing on commercial strategy & execution. Petter has worked for over 15 years in leadership and analysis roles, focusing on transformation and digitalization, most recently within Schibsted.

00:00 Intro Petter & Recuro
02:50 Why focus on pricing?
04:07 Phases of focus
05:19 Pricing origination
07:25 Niche vs. Mass market pricing
09:15 Align pricing with company goals
12:29 Pricing Origination Process