Startup Pricing (YC)

๐Ÿ“ˆ Marketing & Growth
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In the video, YC Partner Kevin Hale explains the significance of pricing and monetization for startups. He highlights common pricing mistakes, the different stages of a company, and more.

Published/Updated on Jan 19, 2022

YC Partner Kevin Hale goes over the fundamentals of pricing and monetization, how it affects your customer acquisition strategy, and how to optimize it through a few rules of thumb.
(Published on YT September 6, 2019)


0:00 Introduction
1:35 ROI of monetization
2:50 The pricing thermometer
5:00 Pricing mistakes
6:34 Stages of a company
7:47 Why is pricing innovation hard?
9:55 How to optimize prices
10:58 Pricing danger zone
15:24 10 - 5 - 20 rule
16:50 Conclusion