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Startup friendly 3rd party services that can help you find office-, coworking- and meeting spaces near you and your team.

Published/Updated on Mar 24, 2022

Below is a collection of startup friendly services that can help you find solutions for your office and meeting needs. Let us know if somethings missing!

What are these services?

A service for finding coworking and meeting spaces is a platform or website that helps individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to discover and book shared workspaces or meeting rooms on a temporary basis. It serves as a centralized hub where users can search and compare various coworking spaces available in different locations.

By leveraging these services, individuals and businesses gain easy access to flexible workspaces that offer a professional environment, networking opportunities, and essential amenities like Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, printing facilities, and communal areas. These platforms streamline the search process, making it convenient to explore and book workspaces for short-term or long-term use. Whether someone needs a workspace for a few hours, a day, or an extended period, these platforms enhance the overall coworking experience by simplifying the search process and providing a centralized hub for discovering and reserving shared workspaces and meeting rooms.

Why is this important for startups?

For start-ups, finding the right workplace can be a pivotal decision that sets the stage for growth and success. These services are furthermore of benefit when dealing with a highly volatile business. Fortunately, our collection offers a streamlined solution tailored specifically for start-ups in search of their ideal work environment. This article provides an overview of Collection's services, designed to simplify workplace discovery and support the unique needs of start-up ventures.

What is our methodology?

We explore the following categories in each service;

Inventory: The importance of location and office types for startups. This includes locations, types of offices and countries available.

Pricing: Transparent pricing and flexible terms. You can easily compare costs and align them with your financial plans.

Terms: Explore the different types of leasing options and binding times.

Web/App: Investigating access from platforms from a laptop or mobile device, startups can effortlessly explore and discover the perfect workplace that meets their unique requirements.

Target Audience: What kind of target audience does the service provide? Is is startup friendly?

Disclaimer: We have excluded services that are not tailored for Start-ups or small businesses.


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Inventory (Location/Types of office/Countries)

  • Stockholm/Helsinki/Denmark/Estland/Greece/Norway/Spain/Switzerland/Romania/Austria

  • 100+ Workspaces in both central and remote locations

  • Coworking Offices


  • Basic: For teams of 1 people, 3000 kr/person/month. Business: 1-5 users, 4995kr/month. Business +, 10+ users, Price upon request


  • Pay per use. No fixed lease period.


Target Audience

  • Basic: Freelance and Solo entrepreneurs

  • Business: Companies, business units and teams to support individual and team work.

  • Business +: Companies, departments, teams - and to be able to plan your hybrid workplace.

Opus Nordic

Opus Nordic - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

  • SUP members enjoy a 30% discount

Inventory (Location/Types of office/Countries)

  • Stockholm/Amsterdam/Malmรถ/Brussels

  • 80+ Workspaces in both central and remote locations

  • Coworking Offices and Hotels


  • Daily: 19 Eur/Day

  • Monthly: 69 Eur/Month

  • Team memberships: Inquire here


  • No commitment period - cancel anytime


Target Audience

  • Freelance and Solo entrepreneurs