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This post features various pitch deck templates and resources from well-known venture capital firms and organizations.

Published/Updated on Feb 20, 2024

A seed investment has NEVER been done based on a deck, itโ€™s always based on how excited you make the investor feel and the relationship that you develop during the investment process. That relationship can only develop when spending time together. This deck is the stepping stone to get into meetings with more investors!

-- Melinda & Nino's Newsletter

Cirrus insight: From Seed to Series C: 19 Startup Pitch Deck Examples + Key Observations blog:
The Best Startup Pitch Deck Examples (Uber, AirBnB, Dropbox, Facebook etc)

Point Nine Capital blog post from 2015 (still relevant):
A Simple Pitch Deck [Template] โ€“ Point Nine Land โ€“ Medium

Almi Invest slide:
What we want to see in a pitchdeck.pdf

500 Global blog post:
This Pitch Deck Will Rock Your 500 Startups Application

SUP46 Pitch Training:
Slides session 1.pdf

Melinda & Nino's non-AI pitch deck template
Substack: Templates, guides and examples


J12 seed deck template:

YC seed deck template:

Sequoia pitch deck template (2015):

Open VC deck template collection with 1200+ examples (search for slide type, round size, vintage etc.):

SpaceCadet Ventures Pitch deck library with 1000+ examples: