Building Teams For Fast Growth (SUP)

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Dive into the art of team-building for rapid growth with expert host Christopher Dobbins, a seasoned People strategist with a rich background in growing businesses and enabling teams. Christopher, with his experiences at renowned companies like Uber, Twitter, and Doordash, shares insights on workforce planning, skills-based hiring, structured interviews, and the importance of a strong culture. The workshop also delves into the significance of transparency, compensation philosophy, and the role of trust in team dynamics. Equip yourself with strategies to foster a thriving startup team.

Published/Updated on Mar 14, 2023

During this workshop, we get the opportunity to learn how to build a team for fast growth with the guidance of expert host Christopher Dobbins. Christopher is an experience-oriented People strategist with a solid background in establishing and growing businesses, designing integrated strategy, and enabling teams through efficient operations. Christopher thrives on unlocking the potential in people and businesses and throughout his career he has successfully managed teams at notable companies like Uber, Twitter, and Doordash.

00:00 Intro
04:54 Agenda
05:54 Growing a team
07:55 Workforce planning
08:58 Hire for slope, not y-intercept
10:33 Skills & competency based hiring
11:30 Skills & competency through the lifecycle
23:00 The job intake