Competing with FAANG on talent (YC)

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This article provides forms and offers from Nordic Relocation Group related to hiring non-EU talent in Sweden.

Published/Updated on Jul 21, 2021

Harj Taggar (YC Partner, former co-founder of Triplebyte) shares hiring insights in cut throat competition.


00:22 - You can move quickly with your process
01:59 - Personalized Attention
02:54 - Unused work
03:51 - Summary


If you are trying to hire a great person who has competing offers from a faang company:

  1. Make sure you move really quickly to give them the offer and answer to all their questions sp they can see just how much faster a startup moves than a big tech company.

  2. Make sure you follow up with them personally and ask everyone on your team to send them a personalized follow-up email.

  3. Emphasize how big companies often shut down projects and have a lots of wasted effort (which can be really demotivating), whereas startups always work on things that directly impact their users.