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Here's our collection of networks, accelerators and supporters of female/non-binary founders and minority groups. We hope this can inspire and lead to more successful founders and a healthier startup ecosystem. 💜

Published/Updated on Jul 21, 2021

Startup Accelerator Female Founders
Our vision is to re-shape economy and society by fostering female entrepreneurial minds.

For us, entrepreneurship is all about being a passionate and proactive leader - in your life, your career and your community - and about having an impact & creating change. We truly believe that entrepreneurial minds will make all of this happen, and will lead the way into a bright future.

This is why we support the people in our community along their entire entrepreneurial lifecycle. Our pan-European ecosystem currently consists of three main pillars:

  • Base F: our low-key community for everyone who identifies themself as an entrepreneurial mind

  • Grow F: our accelerator program for female-led venture that shape the world of tomorrow

  • Lead F: our accelerator program for female entrepreneurial leaders

Take responsibility - for us, our companies & society.\ Put people first.\ Authenticity.\ Embrace the unknown, stay curious and seek opportunities.\ Put quality first.\ Respect different views & opinions.\ Live a balanced life.\ Having fun.

Startup Accelerator Marketplace STHLM

Marketplace STHLM creates meetings between people through workshops, lectures and events. Marketplace STHLM offers an attractive place where people as individuals and in groups meet and create positive change, growth and equality in society.

Get results faster and smarter

As it is today, foreign-born female entrepreneurs face great challenges and are given very few opportunities when starting their own business. Our business and accelerator offers workspace, business guidance and a strong diverse network for foreign-born female entrepreneurs.

Stockholm Scaleup Program

Are you an underrepresented entrepreneur looking to grow your business?
The program offers support from business advisors, leadership coaches, meetings with investors and networking with other entrepreneurs. To participate in the program is free of charge.

How is the program designed?

In collaboration with Stockholm's startup scene, Stockholm Scaleup Program will accept underrepresented entrepreneurs for a unique growth-focused program that will have multiple group starts during 2022.

Every group engage in a four month long program containing of:

  • Group meetings with focus on sharing and learning amongst the entrepreneurs on different themes. Guests can also be invited to share relevant experiences on actual theme.

  • Business advise from experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders tailored to the participant's needs.

  • Coaching with a focus on developing the participant as a leader.

  • Pitch training and networking with investors.

Stockholm Scaleup Program will also arrange networking meetups, where participants from different program groups can meet.


Accelerating female ownership - For women, by women

Network + role models + inspiration

Feminvest is a female network focusing on female ownership and influence on the financial markets. Become a member for free 😃

Feminvest är en accelerationshub för kvinnliga ägande genom utbildning, samt en investeringsverksamhet. Feminvest är idag Sveriges största hub för kvinnliga entreprenörer och investerare med närmare 45.000 medlemmar. Företagets ambition är att aktivt jobba för ett mer jämställt ägande och samhälle. Feminvest utbildar och inspirerar runt investeringar och entreprenörskap, digitalt via hemsidan, podcasten, sociala medier samt via utbildning/nätverksträffar. Feminvest arrangerar bland annat aktieklubbar som är öppna för alla kvinnor som vill utvecklas som investerare på flera platser i Sverige.

Women In Tech

Women In Tech’s mission is to inspire women to consider a future in the field of technology.

Women In Tech also want to inspire and enlighten women already in the industry, to stay within the field, by providing the network and experience of successful, interesting and pioneering people from the wonderful world of technology.

Behind the initiative Women In Tech stands some of Sweden’s largest and most influential technology companies. We are proud to say that these companies have signed up for change. That there’s a will to do better and the possibility to create a better industry with all the everyday decisions that are made. 

Upcoming events:

Women In Data Science, Sweden

Women in Data Science AI & ML Sweden is a non-profit organization which aims to inspire and educate data scientists in Sweden, regardless of gender, and to support women in the field..

WiDS AI & ML Sweden launched in March 2018 with our first one-day technical conference. Technology conferences were (and still are) missing female role models, and our founders Galina, Sahar and Rebecka wanted to create a community to show women in the field that they aren’t alone and give a platform to showcase other great women in the field.

Four years later, in 2022, WiDS AI & ML Sweden has kicked off several long-term projects including mentorship program, speaker database, and held numerous conferences and meetups and our network contains over 1.6K women in the field.

Our main goal is to help women technologists in the field get the recognition that they deserve for their work. In order to achieve this goal, we have created a speaker database that features great women working in different areas of the field with strong levels of technical expertise. This database is accessible for everyone, and we hope that those in charge of planning events in the field will find it helpful.

FemTech Sweden

Female Developers

FemTech Sweden is a community-based network for women and non-binaries in technology and entrepreneurship. We aim to highlight the professional achievements of these individuals no matter which stage they are in their careers. By collaborating with a variety of industry partners & key players, we encourage and assist our network in reaching their goals. We provide support and networking opportunities to those who are starting a new business venture, looking for a career change or mentorship.

FemTech Sweden is an all-inclusive community which we believe is imperative in order to get closer to achieving gender-diverse organizational structures in the technology sector. We encourage male supporters to attend our events by offering a way in which they can assist our network; whether it be as an investor, sponsor, mentor, advisor or connector.

Making A Difference

We offer our community inspiration by highlighting success stories, & knowledgeable insights by discussing real issues entrepreneurs face that are not often spoken about publicly.

​Our aim is to have our audience walk away from our events feeling empowered by the knowledge they have come to learn & by the tools which we have provided them.​

We want our male attendees to walk away with better insights as to the particular struggles that women deal with, and what they can personally do to watch out or take action when a female colleague may need support or guidance.

We aim to promote women no matter which stage in their careers they are, everything from starting off, to inspirational leaders.

As we ourselves are entrepreneurs, we understand that access to the right resources and contacts can make all the difference to reaching your milestones

We welcome all genders, ethnicities & backgrounds. While we focus on empowering women, we include men who also strive to uplift & encourage our community.

Through cooperation and community empowerment, we believe a holistic approach is needed in facilitating progress. We at FemTech Sweden stive to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.

Time To Raise

Connecting women & capital

Our goal is to connect women to capital. We have two tracks: one for startup founders and one for investors looking to raise their first fund.

The Startup Track

+Startups is an 8-week acceleration program for women who are raising capital for their startups. Our aim is to guide you and maximize the likelihood of raising capital for your startup by providing a schedule of fundraising skills, built together with our VC partners. Along with our guidance and your hard work, you will be connected to the Nordic's top investors eager to invest in the brightest women out there.

The Investor Track

+Investors is our Europe-wide community dedicated to emerging female VCs. Rooted in the Nordic values of equality and entrepreneurship, the +Investor community helps female angels and professional VCs do what’s needed to raise Fund I. Our online forums feature educational resources and networking as well as private invitations to digital and in-person events.

Unconventional Ventures


Too many great ideas, entrepreneurs and solutions stay overlooked and unsupported due to them not conforming to what is known, and thereby expected, by the traditional investment landscape.

For some, they are unconventional, but unconventional is often what the world needs in order to change.


Unconventional Ventures invests in startups in the pre-seed and seed stage led by diverse founders identifying as women, people of color, immigrants and/or LGBTQ+, building scalable impact tech companies in the Nordics and beyond.

WIB Network

Women in Business, även kallat WiB är ett nätverk som skapades då det upptäcktes ett behov av ett kvinnligt business-nätverk där vi kan prata om entreprenörskap, börsen och investeringar samt andra faktorer som driver oss framåt i karriären. ​Det finns så många kvinnliga entreprenörer där ute som inte syns eller hörs. Det vill vi förändra.



Break into tech. Bee supported, empowered, and connected

Three women standing next to one another. One is wearing glasses and a blue shirt, one is wearing a shirt with the letter B and a crown, and the other in a polkadot shirt and a hijab. Illustration.

Our Mission is to help immigrant women and non-binary people in Sweden get tech jobs. We do this by offering mentorship programmes, providing support through our community and organizing career events.

Women In Tech Regatta

TOGETHER We tackle THE topics women in tech care about.

A global gathering to connect wo(men) in tech to mentors, peers & resources.




  • That you will be seen and heard in a safe environment.

  • That we’ll give you a great opportunity to meet your new best friend or boss.

  • That we will honor and celebrate the emotional side of tech.

  • That TECH has no gender, but needs new rules, new order.


The Womengineer Foundation’s vision is for all of these individuals to have the self-confidence and knowledge to choose their own future.

In Sweden, there are today around 300.000 girls and and non-binary people between 13-19 years of age. The Womengineer Foundation’s vision is for all of these individuals to have the self-confidence and knowledge to choose their own future. 

It is a big problem in today’s society that women do not pursue engineering degrees when they are in college, despite the fact that at the age of ten the interest in STEM subjects among girls is equal to the interest among boys. At Womengineer, we believe this is due to a lack of knowledge of what these degrees include, outdated norms connected to the STEM subjects, and a general perception that it is simply too difficult. This has created a large deficit of female engineers. The goal of the Womengineer Foundation is to change this!

The lack of female engineers is not only an individual problem; it is a problem for all of society. In addition to the general lack of female engineers, schools, organizations, and companies are also missing out on highly skilled female engineers. Innovations thrive in an environment where there is a diversity of ideas and perspectives. When considering the bottom line,  non-gender equal companies are less profitable and the wage gap between men and women persists.

Geek Girl Meetup

Geekgirlmeetup aims to elevate female role models in tech, startups and enable knowledge exchange


Geekgirlmeetup was founded when women felt alone at tech conferences and experienced like they would have to wait a life time to meet more tech women to discuss code and startups with.

Heidi Harman and Andie Nordgren followed by many more chapter starters created an Un-conference for knowledge exchange about code and startups and an international network. Founded in 2018.


We wanted to create an environment where women own the stage and present inspiring ideas.

Kan vara en bild av text där det står ”WAI@WORK SHAPING THE FUTURE OF WORK FOR WOMEN IN Al w”

Women in AI (WAI) is a nonprofit do-tank working towards inclusive AI that benefits global society. We are a community-driven initiative bringing empowerment, knowledge and active collaboration via education, research, events, and blogging.

​At Women in AI we empower women and minorities to become AI & Data experts, innovators and leaders. We encourage ethical applications and responsible use of artificial intelligence.​

WAI was founded in 2016 in Paris, France, by Dr. Hanan Salam, Caroline Lair and Moojan Asghari. What initially started with a small Facebook group has grown into a powerful community with more than 8.000 members (and counting) in 140 countries.

Women in Entrepreneurship (WiE)

Women in Entrepreneurship (WiE) initiative aims to create a gender-equal and inclusive startup community in southern Sweden.

March 30th WiE Fika at Ideon Innovation, Lund

WiE facts

  • Since 2017 we have hosted nearly 50 WiE activities every year.

  • Our community has increased by 43% between 2018-2020.

  • We provided community service to more than 2000 women entrepreneurs.

  • English is spoken at all Skåne Startups events.


Techella är ett intiativ vars huvudfokus är att påverka den låga andelen kvinnor som verkar i techbranchen.

Vårt mål är att påverka andelen tjejer som söker till tekniska utbildningar, att få kvinnor att stanna i branschen och att öka andelen kvinnor i tech-styrelser. Arbetet har bara börjat. 

Techella Nätverket är ett fristående nätverk inom tech som verkar i Helsingborg, Malmö, Ängelholm & Halmstadsregionen. Nätverket riktar sig till alla yrkeskategorier; programmerare, utvecklare, UX:are projektledare, Key Account Managers, QA:s och till dig som studerar för en framtid i vår bransch. Kort och gott alla balla IT-brudar. Idag är vi drygt 650 tjejer som träffas med jämna mellanrum för event, föreläsningar, workshops och AWs. 

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