How To Find And Hire Talent (SUP)

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Fredrik Raynal, co-founder of Agile Search, discusses the key aspects of finding and hiring talent, from creating effective job ads and distributing them to contacting candidates personally and utilizing relevant tools.

Published/Updated on Jul 21, 2021

By Fredrik Raynal, co-founder of Agile Search

How to find and hire the right talent your company needs in cut throat competition. Fredrik Raynal, co-founder of Agile Search will be sharing his experience about finding and recruiting the right talent for your company. (key points : \ - Understanding your needs \ - Requirements profile\ - Writing a jobs ad\ - Distribution & search\ - Selection & interviewing)


0:00 Intro & About
1:29 Agenda
2:16 Why do we need to recruit?
2:55 Needs short to long term?
4:51 When do we need him/her to start?
6:59 Major Motivation Drivers of Candidates
8:58 Your Employer Brand
9:49 Employer Value Proposition
14:21 Focus: Candidate Experience vs. Employee Experience
18:09 Setting up a Requirements Profile
18:57 Writing the Job Ad
20:43 Job Ad Distribution
25:24 Leverage your Internal Network
26:08 Searching and reaching out
35:53 Contacting Candidates