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Dive deep into the world of HR for startups with expert host, Thomas Eklรถf. This workshop focuses on the essence of culture and the creation of high-performing teams. With over a decade of experience in aiding startups to build such teams, Thomas is renowned for his innovative HR strategies and fostering engaging company cultures. He will shed light on the significance of psychological safety in team performance and provide actionable insights for startups. This session is designed to equip startups with the tools to understand and enhance their organizational culture.

Published/Updated on May 12, 2023

Cracking the code to People Success: A Workshop for Startups about culture and high performing teams.

A workshop on culture and high performing teams for startups with expert host, Thomas Eklรถf. With over a decade of experience helping startups build high-performing teams, Thomas is known for his innovative HR strategies and creating engaging company cultures. He has a proven track record of supporting startups in their HR needs, from Recruitment, Onboarding to Performance Management, Learning & Development, Organisational Design, and Leadership Support.

Thomas will share experience and gained insights on the topic of creating high performing teams through a culture of psychological safety.

The purpose of this series is to give you tangible and actionable advice to put into practice right now. Slides will be shared separately.

00:00 Intro
02:44 Thomas Intro
03:52 Agenda
04:50 What is Culture?
08:35 Benefits from a great Culture
09:51 Culture in the beginning