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Learn B2B sales success from Ross Rich, who scaled Stripe's Sales team from 3 to 300+. Get insights into lead generation, consultative selling, and the sales funnel's stages. Discover why founders excel at sales.

Published/Updated on Jul 21, 2021

How to win customers. Experience from 4+ years scaling the Stripe Sales team from 3 to 300.

Ross Rich, co-founder & ceo of Accord, a YC & Stripe funded sales software solution.

A SUP46 exclusive workshop on how to win customers. Ross Rich, co-founder & ceo of Accord (YC & Stripe funded) talked to us about the four pillars of founder driven sales. Before founding Accord Ross spent 4+ years at Stripe where he helped scale the Sales team from 3 to 300+ as the top performing rep. In a past life, he worked at Columbia Records with artists such as Calvin Harris, OMI, Snoop Dogg, and Pharrell will be sharing his experience about B2B Sales for Startups with you.


00:00 Intro & About (Founder Sales)
05:04 Founder Sales Mindset (Helpful attitude)
12:05 Utilize your network early and nurture that relationship
13:38 Create a movement / Earn evangelists: Long term value/PM-fit
14:35 Positioning & Messaging: understanding your customer & market
17:11 Skip the feature BS, focus on the customers *problem*
19:12 Clear and concise, customers only care about the *impact* of your product
26:50 Close more deals with use cases/references/case studies/testimonials
31:04 Example one-liners from successful companies (skip adjectives "best" "first" etc.)
31:29 Channels & Lead generation: find the deals
33:40 Focus on ideal customer profile/ideal buyer (don't get distracted)
34:11 Example channels (cheap in the beginning: content and social = utilize existing clusters)
34:34 Discovery & Consultative Selling: engage prospects & get deal momentum
34:43 Don't pitch your product! (they don't care) Pitch the potential *impact* / solution to a problem
35:20 Question technique (open ended / discovery questions / targeted towards insights) 36:46 Demo best practices: Short 30min first call, (15min insightful questions + 15min use case + next step)
37:40 Process & Repeatability: how to do sales in a structured way
37:52 Have product roadmap in mind (work on your playbook)
38:37 First sales hire to scale sales? (framework builder vs sales skills)
39:27 Simple best practices for lead conversion and deal closing
39:50 Q&A