Selling and getting customers (STING)

๐Ÿค Sales & Winning Customers
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Successful selling is a psychological dance. Listen actively, ask smart questions with the SPIN technique, and look for buying signals to close the deal and satisfy your customers.

Published/Updated on Jul 21, 2021

By Olof Berglund from STING


00:49 : The secret behind successful selling
06:13 : Sales strategy (problem and solution for who with what effects & USP)
10:57 : The Sales Cycle
16:53 : Question technique - SPIN
21:39 : Graphic's mood of the customer - SPIN
23:10 : Handling sales objections
25:54 : Buying signals
27:05 : Outro and Q&A

The secret behind successful selling

  • Active listening

  • Posing smart and open questions

  • The buyer always thinks the seller is exaggerating or even lying

  • The buyer always thinks her opinions are important and correct

  • The solution is introduced late in the conversation

  • SPIN technique

  • Sales has nothing to do with logic, justice or rationality

  • Everything is psychology

Question techniques SPIN

Work with open smart questions that lead to the "probem". Liste actively. You want the buyer to reach their own "desired conclusion" through your questions.

  • S - Situation questions : Collect important facts. Not too many!

  • P - Problem questions : What is the buyer dissatisfied with ? How often ? Where ? For how long ?

  • I - Implication questions : Expose pain. How much sales are you losing? How much money does it represent ?

  • N - Need questions : What do you want to accomplish ? Focus on solving instead of problem. Help the customer to sell the solution interally with own words.

Buying signals

When you see these buying signals, you should close the deal:

  • Can I see a demo?

  • Do you have the product in stock?

  • What's your delivery time?

  • Does it have feature X?

  • Does it come in green?

  • Does the solution also come with solution Y?

  • What's the support situation?

  • Can I talk to a reference customer?