Stress Management (SUP)

Strategy & Leadership
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Embark on a transformative journey into stress management with expert host Kristian Skarphagen. Dive into the three pivotal principles employed by world-class athletes and sports teams to handle stress and elevate performance. Kristian, a seasoned Strength & Conditioning Coach and High Performance Coach, shares insights on daily habits, the significance of well-being in performance, and strategies to enhance stress tolerance. This workshop is designed to reshape your perceptions and control over performance-related stress.

Published/Updated on Apr 20, 2023

Get ready to discover the latest breakthroughs in stress management with the guidance of our expert host Kristian Skarphagen.

Discover the 3 principles that world-class sports clients and teams use to manage stress and pressure, taking their performance to the next level. Learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes that most people make when dealing with stress and use this method to always deliver, even in the most stressful situations. Join us to reprogram how you control your thoughts around performance forever. Kristian Skarphagen is a highly experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach, High Performance Coach, and Practical Educator.

His passion for helping individuals achieve their maximum potential stems from his own injury setback while playing semi-professional sports. Kristian has been coaching top athletes for over a decade and his diverse experiences provide him with unique knowledge and expertise in leadership, team building, and individual performance.

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05:03 What it takes
05:43 Delayed gratification
05:53 Focus on the daily habits