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This article introduces Nordic Innovation House New York, which helps Nordic companies enter the U.S. market. It also briefly mentions the "Delaware Flip" strategy for non-U.S. companies entering the U.S. market with advice to discuss it with U.S. VC investors.

Published/Updated on Jul 21, 2021

Nordic Innovation House - NY


Nordic Innovation House New York (NIH-NY) is the New York City headquarters for the Nordic startup community. This concept offers soft landing to high-quality Nordic companies that are looking for access to the U.S. market. Services include help with strategic and practical matters, introductions to expert partners and community members as well as meetings with carefully selected mentor(s), participation in advisory workshops and round-tables, and connection to the unique entrepreneurial ecosystem in New York.

Charles Lorum
Executive Director at Nordic Innovation House New York. Working Group Chair.

Elin Elkehag - Founder of Still, based in Silicon Valley and happy to help our companies

Doing the Delaware flip

By Latham Drive : Forming a new Delaware holding company to be parent company.

Doing the Delaware Flip: Why and how do non-US companiesโ€ฆ

A non-US company may choose to form new Delaware holding company structures for several reasons, including:

  • The United States remains the principal source of venture capital and other private financing.

  • Some of the worldโ€™s premiere stock markets are located in the United States and an initial public offering (IPO) and stock exchange listing on NYSE or NASDAQ can lead to better access to capital and offer a potential path to liquidity.

  • A trade sale to a US acquirer is often seen as an ideal potential โ€œexitโ€ and re-incorporating in the US can help facilitate a sale.

  • Sales of products by US companies to US or non-US companies are easier than by non-US companies.