We are product builders. Proud experts that help startups launch their products fast & well. And then scale those products to millions.


  • Fixed pricing
  • Discounted design offerings (discounted)
  • Free project & tech analysis
  • FTE/Hybrid team for the cost of 1 team member


Weapp is a Product development agency, that focuses on helping startups go from idea to successful product.

With our end-to-end capabilities in digital product development (design, development, brand/business) we can help you throughout the whole journey.

The FTE model/Hybrid team explained

You pay a monthly retainer for a selected number of team member(s), but this headcount can be split into a mix of part-time designer(s) or developer(s) - giving you access to a full product development team for the cost of only one or two team members.

Having worked and helped 50+ startups, we know what your startup needs. With our fixed pricing packages for both the early stages of concept development & design work, as well as the development of the product, we want to offer a simple brand promise: That no one gives you more value in your product development journey than we do.

  • Fixed price quote & Tech stack proposal
  • Technical Due Diligence (DD)
  • Business Strategy & Brand Identity
  • Design (UX & UI)
  • Software development (Mobile, Web, Hardware, Cloud etc.)
  • Product Ownership
  • Data Analysis

Please reach out to

  • See our discounted & fixed pricing offers for design-work and
  • Receive a fixed pricing quote (incl. discount) for product development