Nordic Search

Nordic Search


They help tech firms obtain R&D funding through tax reliefs and grants. They offer strategic advice, legal guidance, and funding facilitation. SUP members get a 30% discount, paying a 10% contingency fee.


  • 30% discount
  • Help apply for public funding
  • Transparent and cost-efficient way.


Nordic Search helps tech companies with innovation in focus to apply for public funding (mainly tax reliefs but could also be direct grants) related to research and development (R&D). We work on the basis of a pure contingency fee of 15 % of the funding received.

  1. Strategic Advice We advise our customers on business development and transformation by bridging the gap between strategy, culture and innovation. Our main objective is always to unleash and maximise our customers’ potential to implement innovative ideas.

  2. Legal & Compliance With proven in-house experience from international technology companies within legal and compliance and a never ending curiosity to fully understand our customers’ commercial challenges and needs, we provide a broad spectrum of authoritative and proactive legal/compliance advice.

  3. Funding services Innovation initiatives has over the last years made billions of euros available for public funding. Nordic companies are missing out on low hanging fruit when it comes to research & development related public funding. We identify opportunities and support our customers in getting funding into place in a transparent and cost-efficient way.

We offer you, as a member of SUP46, a contingency fee of 10 % (i.e. a 30 % discount) on our R&D tax relief service (eligibility analysis, application and support).