Quick, safe and easy to apply for a business loan with Qred.


  • Loans up to 2MSEK
  • Non-binding application
  • Fast response
  • Personal service
  • 3 amortization-free months


Qred has helped ten thousands of companies and is far from finished. With operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Brazil, Qred has created new jobs and made companies grow. With a fully automated credit system, Qred can quickly provide entrepreneurs with what is needed to grow their businesses.

It is quick, safe and easy to apply for a business loan with Qred.

It takes only 1 minute, is free and non-binding.

You'll receive a message within 1 hour, sign with your BankID and the money will be paid out the same day.

Exclusive offer: Test a business loan from Qred with 3 amortization-free months!

How does it work? Months 1 - 3 you only pay your monthly fee. Month 4 onwards you pay the amortization and your monthly fee.

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