They offer a digital platform supporting long-term wellness strategies for organizations. It encourages healthy habits through a mobile app and provides reports for informed decisions on community well-being within the workplace.


  • License fee: 29 SEK discount /month
  • Personal coaching fee: 100 SEK discount /month
  • Digital coaching mobile application


Our digital platform is here to support your long-term wellness strategy. Allowing your organisation to allocate resources where they will have the most impact.

Our service is a digital nudging tool for encouraging, engaging and rewarding healthy behaviours. Our mobile application can be used on both Android and Apples platforms. We encourage self-care. Individuals need to actively be involved in managing their health, rather than passive recipients of care.

HOLISTAL has been designed not only to support the individual but also the organisation. Our service provides reports and insights helping you to make decisions that will best serve the community wellbeing of your workplace.