Ministry of Programming, MoP

Ministry of Programming, MoP


Extend your startup/scaleup team with product managers, designers and developers that worked on 100+ startups across the globe with a price-discount of 10%


  • Startup studio
  • Product managers, designers, and developers
  • Cost efficient services
  • 10% discount for members


Weโ€™re a startup studio and agency crafting digital products with product development, design, and pre-seed/seed stage investment services for startup founders.

We have built 100+ products across FinTech, HealthTech, BioTech, MusicTech, and many other domains from concept to production to IPO. We are exclusively focused on working with founders and executives to help them create better companies by investing, providing services, and supporting companies with advisory based on our extensive experience building startups.

We support founders as a long-term partner in good and bad times going the extra mile with our services and investments to get to product-market fit and then to scale/exit.


  • 3-6 weeks Design and Discovery sprints - MVP prototyping and validation with users
  • 6-12 weeks product development sprints to launch a lovable product to users
  • Core and Extended Product, Dev, Design, QA, DevOps teams for startups and scaleups to optimize development processes, recruitment time, cost, and iteration cycles
  • Pre-seed, seed, and bridge investments and convertible loans for founders and entrepreneurs - checks from 20 to 250k EUR per company

We worked with over 50 startups in Stockholm and many of them from SUP (e.g. Fishbrain, FundedByMe and others).

Workshop: Outsourcing & Extending teams

MoP hosted a workshop for the SUP community. Watch it here (Workshop is for premium users only)