Buddy Pet Food

Buddy Pet Food


They bake 100% natural dog food, slow-baked for 40 minutes to preserve nutrients and aid digestion. Their balanced recipes include meat or fish and plenty of vegetables, free from any harmful additives. They offer direct delivery to your door for ultimate convenience.


  • 30% discount
  • 100% Natural dog food
  • Nutritional recipes for dogs


We are Buddy - We bake dog food!
We strongly believe in transparency and that mass-produced food is not good for your dog. Therefore we make a 100% natural dog food that we slow-bake for 40 minutes. This makes the nutrients from the raw materials stay and it makes the food easier to digest for your pup.

All our recipes are balanced with meat or fish and loads of vegetables. We donโ€™t add any nasty stuff and we delivery straight to your door!