They are a top communications agency specializing in Talent Attraction and Employer Branding. With probably the broadest and most qualified recruitment channel portfolio in the Nordic market, they excel in connecting companies with top talent.


  • Specializing in Talent Attraction and Employer branding
  • Get help to advertise in Sweden or globally


Whydentify has built up extensive operational knowledge for almost 10 years and today we have a team that is completely dedicated to creating effective solutions and achieving results. Whether you want to advertise in Sweden or globally via desktop, tablet or mobile. Building logic in this area requires experience and can be absolutely crucial. Let’s reason together!

FACEBOOK Facebook is Sweden’s largest media channel. The challenge is therefore not to meet, but to hit right. We will help you define the target group and advise on materials and messages. After completing the campaign, you will receive a statistical report. If you want us to use your company’s Facebook pages you need to give us access to your marketing account. If not your ads will be published through the Facebook identity ”Karriärtåget”.

Instagram may be included as a part of you campaign if you wish, it opens up new opportunities for you as an advertiser to display and spread images or videos covering the entire screen, so you don’t have to fight with other advertisers about the attention.



LINKEDIN LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional networks with a strong presence in Sweden. You can use a regular sponsored ad and publish a position under Jobs on LinkedIn. We do however recommend a Sponsored Update to achieve maximum precision and high impact. Unlike LinkedIn’s automated matches, here is a manual tailor-made targeting for the target audience you want to reach. The ad is published as via your company’s LinkedIn identity (which you need to provide us the details for) and distributed to the target groups defined using LinkedIn’s criteria and tools. The career opportunity will be seen in the target group’s flow in the form of a completely ordinary post that someone in their contact network published. Sponsored Updates also provides the ability to use text and image.


CANDARINE A unique service that allows you to reach passive candidates in your target group via postings of your job message in relevant social networks, groups and forums - channels you do not access through traditional advertising. Through Candarine’s global Peer network you have access to members in 80,000+ groups, channels and meeting places on e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and MeetUp. The networks are monitored and analyzed continuously for optimal effect. No text changes in your ad are made by us, but you are able to customize the headline / message to be published.

If your message is relevant is can be shared, liked, referred to and recommended by users.


PROGRAMMATIC Programmatic RtB (Real-time Bidding) advertising allows you to set criteria for which companies and/or audiences you want to reach, and only pay for the ad impressions that match the criteria. It makes banner advertising both cheaper and more accurate. The display purchases are made centrally through an auction-based advertising site, a so-called Demand Side Platform (DSP), where you can reach 99.8% of Sweden’s internet users through 20,000+ established, relevant and white listed sites and networks.

5.000:- ≤ 2 WEEKS CAMPAIGN

NOTE! All prices are per job role and includes distribution, optimization and reporting.Prices do not include copywriting or production of advertising material – these services may be provided at an extra cost.