They assist startups in recruitment, crafting job pitches and utilizing marketing channels such as Career Builder, LinkedIn, and Stack Overflow. SUP members receive a 30% discount, reducing recruitment costs to 14,700 SEK per hire.


  • 30% off = 14.700 SEK per recruitment
  • Experts of Startup Recruitment
  • Special partnership with Careerbuilder, LinkedIn and Stack overflow
  • 1000+ STING startup talent network


Offer: The proposed cost covers all relevant external channels we choose for a recruitment along with our 1000+ STING startup talent network added to it. To bring that in perspective the external prices of LinkedIn, CareerBuilder and Stackoverflow are 2400 SEK, 6690 SEK and 3745 SEK respectively if purchased outside of STING. STING Talent support package includes:

  1. Exchanging pilot candidate profiles to really understand the profile weโ€™re looking to add to our team.

  2. Reading and truly understanding our targeted talents and drafting the best job pitch that would peak their interest.

  3. Decide on the 5 top specifically targeted marketing channels relevant for our searching talent and communicating the position in the best possible way (social media channels, meet-up groups, school portraits, online forums, talent academies, offline channels).

  4. Publish the Job Pitch in STING Talent database (more than 1000 candidates aspiring to join startup).

  5. Publish the Job Pitch in Career Builder Premium.

  6. Publish the Job Pitch in LinkedIn jobs premium.

  7. If the position is Tech, publishing the Job pitch in Stack overflow (largest tech talent pool with 139.000+ developers).

  8. Support in any additional requests needed to interview structure, evaluation mechanisms and contract templates can be provided.

Job pitch is expressing your position as a pitch to attract your next teammate from our targeted talent pool.

With more than 7 years of experience and crossing an average of supporting 120+ recruitments a year, we have a success rate of above 90%.

We believe that no one in the world can be better recruiters for a startup than the founders themselves. But then the founders of a company, may not have the network, process, tools, time and resources to do a recruitment. What if, we STING Talent Support, the experts of Startup Recruitment work with the startup founders in every step to ensure a successful recruitment? Thatโ€™s our service and offer.

STING Talent support is NOT a recruitment service where you outsource your recruitment. We do not work for the startup, we work with the startup and help the company with the recruitment process step by step with our network and resources. The more we communicate and work together, the better success rate we get.

STING holds the largest startup talent database in Sweden and we are the only Startup Talent Support unit to have special partnership or bulk purchaser status with Careerbuilder, LinkedIn and Stack overflow giving us special offers, supports and prices.

Valid until further notice.