They represent talented students in diverse fields like app & web development, business & marketing, visual communication, and soon, legal services. They manage projects for companies through our student workforce. SUP members & alumni receive a 20% discount.


  • 20% off our hourly rate
  • Get help in variety of fields with talented students
  • Efficient and quality work


Services We work with and represent talented students in a variety of fields. Our focus areas are:

  • App & Web Development
  • Business & Marketing
  • Visual Communication
  • Legal (coming soon)

How we work:

We work like a "studio/ agency"

  • Your project is submitted to us as a company
  • The project is handled by us, represented by one or a few of our Upbeaters.
  • We hire and work closely with the talented students as employees
  • We apply a project approach for an increased ROI

We work closely with both project owner and the student(s) to set the project scope, outline the work, and align expectations. This creates better outcomes & more efficient and rewarding collaborations

Our Upbeaters are well prepared to deliver from start to finish and eager to prove their ability. We focus on quality rather than quantity. We only accept and represent the top students in their respective field. We take responsibility for the delivery and quality of the work as a company.



0-8h/w = 360 SEK/hour (regular 450 SEK/hour) 8-15h/w = 320 SEK/hour (regular 400 SEK/hour) 15+h/w = 280 SEK/hour (regular 350 SEK/hour

Ubeater interns

0-20h/w = 225 SEK/hour (regular 280 SEK/hour) 20h/w = 15.500 SEK/month 30h/w = 20.000 SEK/month 40h/w = 23.000 SEK/month