Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365


Connect your data, processes, and teams with intelligent business applications with Microsoft Dynamics 365, via Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, which includes a number of additional benefits


  • Up to 5 seats for one year
  • Designed to support all founders from idea to exit, Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub brings together the technology, guidance, and support you need to hit your next milestone
  • For additional benefits, more details, and to sign up in minutes, no funding required:


MICROSOFT FOR STARTUPS FOUNDERS HUB Build your startup - Unlock up to $150,000 in Azure credits and additional time to build as your company grows. - Run more efficiently and be more productive with free access to Microsoft tools and platforms. - From fundraising support to GPT-3 access, our partner offers help you achieve more. OpenAI, Bubble, LinkedIn, AngelList, Stripe, and more are available today, with new offerings added on a rolling basis.

Access to expert guidance - 1:1 technical advisory sessions and 24/7 technical assistance help you overcome roadblocks and build at every stage. - The Microsoft Mentor Network gives you access to expert feedback and advice on topics ranging from your product roadmap to your business plan and beyond. Tailored learning paths, content, and events are designed to help you progress to the next stage no matter your starting point.