Scaleway, a European cloud services provider, offers innovative cloud infrastructure solutions for businesses. For SUP members, they offer 1000โ‚ฌ of cloud credits to test their products using a voucher code.


  • 1000โ‚ฌ in cloud credits over 4 months
  • Test Scaleway's products for free


Scaleway is a European cloud services provider, offering a number of pioneering solutions in the field of cloud infrastructure for business. Scaleway is expanding its operations around the world, and currently serves 25,000 customers in over 160 countries, providing three availability zones.

Scaleway knows what it means to launch and grow your startup. Scaleway's entrepreneurial DNA, deep European roots, and values, as well as their size and agility, make them your ideal growth partner.

In order to allow you to simply test their products, Scaleway is pleased to offer SUP members 1000โ‚ฌ of cloud-credits using the voucher code.