Bossanova People Agency

Bossanova People Agency


They provide a HR Audit and a digital HR On Demand service covering labor laws, workplace safety, recruitment, company culture, leadership, and more. SUP46 members enjoy a 20% discount on the audit and enjoy the on-demand service for three free months.


  • Easy accessible digital HR service
  • 20-minute digital meeting whenever you need it
  • Start for free the first 3 months


Keeping up with employment laws, creating a successful organization or recruiting the best stars are among the more complicated tasks of running a growing business. Bossanova People Agency are here to help you. ย  Bossanova has developed a digital HR On Demand-service that is simple to use, accessible and affordable. Itโ€™s like a health app, but instead of a doctor, you have your personal HR Professional in your pocket. For SUP46 members Bossanova offer HR On Demand free of charge for the first 3 months. Whenever you want to discuss how to engage your employees, boost their motivation or make sure you have covered the (boring) labour laws, you just make an appointment with your personal HR Advisor. ย  After your first 3 months Bossanova offer their services through a subscription fee of 700 SEK / month.

Bossanovas HR Audit will create an overall picture of all parts of your HR areas, both from a strategic and operational perspective. By start doing things in the right way, you will build a company that attracts people to join and get them to thrive while being a part of your journey.

With Bossanovas HR Audit you get a three-hour meeting where they map how you are doing in various HR areas. They analyze whether your work is in line with the organization's needs and give you recommended actions to help you reach your goals.

Wondering what kind of questions Bossanova can help you with? Examples of common areas to discuss: ย 

  • Labour laws - how do we handle disciplinary actions? How can we terminate an employee? Can we decide when people take their holidays?
  • The Work Environment Act - how to create a safe work environment?
  • Employer Branding - how can we attract the right candidates?
  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition - how can we create an effective hiring process?
  • Company culture - how can we create an amazing culture?
  • Learning and Development - how do we create a learning mindset?
  • Leadership โ€“ how can I be a modern leader today? ย 
  • Organizational structure โ€“ how can onboard our employees successfully? How do we set or vision, mission, purpose and goals? ย 

Ready to get started or want to know more? Book your appointment through the link on your right and get a 20-minute digital meeting with a HR expert in no time.