They specialize in IT Developer recruitment and offer a 10%-15% discount on the average market wage in Sweden. Their aim is to assist startups in finding skilled developers who can transform ideas into reality.


  • 10%-15% discount
  • Free one month trial
  • Developers on location
  • Work visa admin
  • Accommodation admin
  • Outsourced Developers


BurkeBemanning specializes in recruiting IT Developers. We have found that there is a large surplus of highly qualified IT Developers with very strong technical skills in countries like Bulgaria and Greece, that are unemployed. As a result, we see an opportunity to fill the high demand for qualified Developers which currently exists in Sweden.
BurkeBemanning will arrange all the necessary work authorization /work visas that will allow the Developers to work in Stockholm. Arrange living accommodation for the Developers so that they can focus 100% on the project at hand.

We can supply Sup46 with OUTSOURCED Developers at a further discounted price. Candidates do technical test, language test, social test and intelligence test. We are looking for the BEST IN CLASS Developers that will truly be able to add value to the startups at Sup46.