Developers Bay

Developers Bay


They provide access to a network of skilled IT consultants for development, design, project management, and testing needs. They offer a 25% discount on their agent fee to SUP members.


  • 25% discount on agent fees
  • Short- and long term assignments


Developers bay offer you as SUP46 member access to our members network. With highly skilled IT-consultants in development, design, project management and test. We will help you with your growth and scale and when you have the need of finding new team members for short- and long term assignments. We will be the professional supplier and a good partner finding the right skilled freelancer from our network.

Developers Bay gives you as a SUP46 members a discount on our Agent fee of 25% excl. VAT on top of what the freelancer hourly rate are. Developers Bay have a good track record of helping other companies that are sitting and has been sitting at SUP46. We can always give references of other companies that we are working together with.