They offer bootcamp programs to upskill individuals for tech roles. For SUP members, the reduced rates are 600 SEK/hour for initial recruitments and 620 SEK/hour for subsequent hires. Additionally, SUP members can test 3 developers for free in a one-week 'weekly project'


  • 1 week free trial
  • 9% discounts on hourly rates
  • Fullstack Javascript, Java, & .NET


SALT (School of Applied Technology) offers a solution to the problem companies have when recruiting new tech professionals in their development teams.

Our business model works as follows: SALT recruits talented people that have a passion and previous experience with code, but have not necessarily worked as a developer in a professional setting. We re-skill these people within one of our bootcamp programs, these are: Fullstack JavaScript, Fullstack Java & Fullstack .NET. In these bootcamps we teach them how to work in modern development environments with the latest in their respective techstack, agile work methods and focus on giving them the tools to continue to excel in their future career.

Once the candidates have completed our program we offer companies to recruit them via a Try-and-hire model, where you hire them as a consultant for 2024 hours (12months) after which you have the option to acquire them as a full time employee free of charge.

Our normal rate is 660 SEK/hour. The offer we will provide Sup46s members are at a reduced price of 600 SEK/hour per developer for the first batch of recruitments they make and subsequently will have a set price of 620 SEK/hour for any following recruitments they make.

We will also provide the offer to test out 3 of our developers for a one(1) week period completely free of charge during a "weekly project". This is something we've previously done with other tech hubs with great results for everyone involved. For the best possible result we do require that the company that takes part of this offer can provide a project lead that provides a detailed description of what the project would include and meet with one of SALTs representatives to make sure it's within the right scope of what can be expected during the project.