They aid businesses in scaling products and boosting growth through data-driven experiments. They offer consultancy, workshops, and coaching on growth product management. SUP members receive a 20% discount on all services.


  • 20% discount
  • Access to consultants who have more than ten years of experience
  • Workshops, coaching, etc

Details have consultants that help you scale your product and grow your business by learning faster and wasting less.

We help you turn your product into a growth machine that activates, retains and expands your customer base by using data and experiments.

We can work together in three ways:

  1. Part of your Product Team When you need to fill a role in your team has consultants with more than 10 years experience from UX and Product Design, User Research and Analysis, and Product Management. On top of the long domain expertise all consultants have deep knowledge of experimentation to build products and features that benefit the users and your business goals. Less guessing, more value. Developers, UX designers, Growth Analysts, and Product Managers. Price: 1,400 SEK/h ex VAT

  2. Workshops:

Introduction to Product Growth and Experimentation, 1 h Inspire your product team to get started with experiments to build products that generate growth and waste less. Price: 40,000 SEK ex VAT

Identify your Growth Loops, 2,5 h The first and important building block in your growth strategy. After this workshop youโ€™ll be avle to answer:

  • how do we get new users to our product?
  • how do we get them to stay?
  • how do existing users contribute to more new people finding their way in? Price: 50,000 SEK ex VAT
  1. Coaching - Growth Product Management Level up your leadership in experimentation and product growth management. Price: 50,000 SEK for 40h/month

SUP members get 20% discount!