The Signia Group

The Signia Group


The Signia Group offers agile product development teams for startups, providing an on-demand, versatile team to scale visions. Their Sweat Equity Program co-invests up to 50% (up to 2.5 MSEK) for startups requiring PoC, MVP, and pitch-deck creation.


  • Up to 50% co-investment for your dream team
  • Get help for your PoC, MVP and pitch-decks
  • Build a product development team


Build Your Agile Dream Team Finding and building a product development team for your start-up or business can be challenging. With our service you get an on-demand, turn-key multi-discipline team, freeing you up to scale your vision.

  • Start-up founder with a new venture? In a rush to-market and urgently need your PoC, MVP and pitch-decks done? We'd love to help! Our Sweat Equity Program offer up to 50% co-investment for your dream team, (up to 2.5 MSEK).

TESTIMONY FROM FELLOW SUP MEMBER: Niklas Bjรถrkman As many others seeking good and reliable talent, we were a bit reluctant at first to put the responsibility of developing parts of our core software onto a remote team. Signia's developers have not only completely alleviated any concerns we might have had, but their competence and ability to integrate so well into our existing workforce have yielded results beyond our expectations. Signia's team feels like they are part of us and not consultants. Even if they are remote their communication skills have made it possible to work with them as any local team. Since Signia also have a local Swedish presence, we've always felt that if the need would arise, we could comfortably talk in our native language or even book a meeting in Stockholm. Doctrin AB