Mundus International

Mundus International


Offering all SUP46 members complimentary access to Mundus News, a high-quality English-language news and analysis of Swedish issues for an international audience.


  • Free access to access to Mundus News
  • Get insights on Swedish tech, business, politics and society
  • Published each weekdays
  • Daily news in English


Mundus News is emailed early each morning, providing an overview of Swedish tech, business, politics and society. Mundus News is published each weekday before 9am. Summaries of all stories are in English, with links to Swedish newspapers for further reading.

Mundus International is a firm with talents that span across a variety of the sectors identified above. Our mission is to enable organisations, firms and individuals to understand, adapt and succeed living in Sweden. We provide daily news in English and an online portal with several hundred background stories on Swedish social and economic issues.

In addition, we also assist organisations in achieving the desired impact when they make presentations.

The offer is valid to SUP46 member companies for the duration of their membership at SUP46.