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Welcome to our startup platform!
We are a membership-based community where founders and operators get access to networking and resources for growth in one place.
10 YRS

πŸ¦„ Our story

2013: We opened our doors in Sweden, Stockholm for the first time and quickly became a central meeting point and a hub for startup people, investors and tech leaders.

2019: Our community transitioned from a co-working based community into an online community with the ambition to serve more founders, where ever they are and on their own terms.

2022: β€œSUP46” re-branded to β€œSUP” to better match who we are and match our transition from a co-working space into a online platform with a digital and international community.

Today: A growing community of ambitious startups ready to help each other grow and succeed.
Our mission
Help founders succeed and improve the startup ecosystem.

Community values
These values guide us and are a key part of how we select new members:GenerosityHumbleness


Have funBe a role model

βš™οΈ Platform

πŸ§‘πŸΎβ€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸ»β€οΈ Community of likeminded

  • Founder network exchange of best practices, inspiration, and feedback.
  • Slack channel with 1000 startup people
  • Meetups and exclusive c-level gatherings
Platform item

πŸ’° Fundraising resources

  • Global network of experienced early stage investors for warm introductions
  • Prepare and execute investment rounds with popular templates, workshops, and articles
  • Regular meetups with top tier investors such as Northzone, Creandum, Icebreaker, Almi Invest, Alliance Venture, Node VC, SNΓ– Ventures, ByFounders, Luminar Ventures, Dahpni and many more
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πŸ“ˆ Playbooks and best practices

  • A startup knowledge base to guide and speed you up
  • Workshops and webinars hosted by experts and senior operators to watch live or on-demand
  • Learn about UX/UI, Growth, Pitching, SEO, PR, Sales, Marketing, Mental Fitness, Leadership, IP rights, Hiring, and much more
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🎁 Perks & offers

  • Save up to €100k in exclusive member discounts and offers
  • Startup-friendly service providers eager to help you grow
  • Popular startup solutions such as Stripe, Open AI, Supabase, Google Cloud Platform, HubSpot, Intercom, Pipedrive, and much more
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πŸ‘― Members and alumni

Our members and alumni range from seed to series from many verticals, industries, and business models. They've been selected for high potential, huge ambitions and our shared values. We're proud to have worked with companies such as Kry(Livi), Karma, Natural Cycles, Wolt, Fishbrain, Doctrin, Soundtrap and many more.
Johan Attby
Johan Attby
Founder of Fishbrain, Stockholm
β€œI owe it to SUP as that's where Fishbrain grew in the very early phase and where I was connected to the local ecosystem after moving back from the US and not knowing that many people here. Keep up the great work!”
Johan Gustafsson
Johan Gustafsson
Founder of Unomaly, Stockholm
β€œSUP had the ability to inspire a perfect combination of performance, context, and network. From Unomaly's perspective, SUP was a strong contributing factor in our ability to hire some of the best in the industry to our team. SUP was an important component in making Unomaly's journey to a successful exit.”
Fidan Gutaj
Fidan Gutaj
Co-Founder of Kudos Labs, Berlin
β€œSUP have been extremely supportive in our early stages of the company, and also introduced us to our first investors. What we as founders find particularly helpful is the almost weekly workshops covering most topics you would need as a founder with +100 things going on at the same time”

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🀝 Partners

Our platform partners uses our software and tapping into our community and growth resources to help them and their portfolio of startups grow faster and succeed.
Scania Innovation Factory
Stockholm's Stad
Stockholm Scaleup Program
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We look for early stage technology companies, high potential, large and scalable ambitions with great community fit. We tend to accept applicants that have launched their product/service and have some early traction indications. We'd expect you to be committed to the company and have at least one founder working full time. We are industry and business model agnostic but may reject applications from companies active in areas where we have less experience or with extensive time to market.

Read the full Q&A about the application process and apply here

β€œSUP46” is an acronym for Start-Up People of Sweden (+46 is the country code of Sweden). SUP46 was re-branded to SUP back in 2022 to better resonate with our new international ambitions.

We discontinued our coworking business in 2020 to focus more on our new software platform. This enables us to serve founders and teams beyond the walls of a physical office space. Additionally, we hope that many more will benefit from our network and learnings by focusing on our online presence.

No, SUP are currently focusing on making investor connections and preparing founders for a potential fundraising process.

No, we have no structured curriculum or mandatory sessions. Nor do we take equity in companies or have limited membership times. If you’re evaluating accelerators or incubators, please check out our lists and guides to learn more and make informed decisions if and what accelerator/incubator might fit your needs.